Tennessee Fainting Goats In Georgia

Welcome to King's Hollow, your North Georgia source of fainting goats.  We are located just 6 miles from beautiful Fort Mountain at Chatsworth, Ga.  We have the traditional black & white fainting goats, and also some that are cream colored with  brown or black markings.

Our goats come from great  stock, and faint readily, most often because of each others antics.  No need to register if you just want them to clear brush or to enjoy their company.

 Please give us a call to learn more about our goats at  706-271-5648, or send us an e-mail at    

Fainting Goat Information



Myotonic, or fainting goats, are gentle and sweet natured.  They are great at cleaning out brush from areas you would like cleared.  They do need some protection from predators, so a fence is a good plan.  The fencing used will depend on whether you plan to add a guard dog, or donkey.  If so, electric fencing may be a good option.


They also need shelter from wind and rain.  Shelter need not be expensive.   We use staked panel fencing bent into an arch, with heavy duty tarps stretched over the panel and back of the frame.

If grass or brush is not plentiful, plan to supplement feed a bit.